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Streamline the tax-paying process by paying electronically.

U.S. Bank EasyTax is the fast, easy way for your business to pay state and federal tax payments electronically. With EasyTax, instead of filling out a coupon and going to the bank, you’ll have the ability to make payments online or by touchtone phone.

EasyTax is easy to set up and use, and it’s EFTPS compliant.

EasyTax is designed for business customers required to pay federal and state taxes electronically or who simply want the convenience of paying that way. It’s also ideal for customers who want to initiate tax payments under the ACH credit origination method versus ACH debit.

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive an access number and PIN that allow you to make federal and/or state tax payments online or by touch-tone phone.

Tax payments must be initiated at least one business day prior to the tax due date. U.S. Bank deducts the payment from your U.S. Bank business checking account the day the transaction is initiated and sends payments to the appropriate state agency or the IRS based on the calculated due date.

Benefits at a glance

  • Saves valuable time — There’s no need to write checks, find a check signer, prepare coupons or make a trip to the bank.
  • Ensures secure and accurate payments — Both an access number and a PIN code are required to make a deposit, preventing unauthorized access, and you’ll receive a payment receipt and a verification number for every transaction.
  • Ensures compliance with EFTPS regulations — EasyTax complies with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) and with all state Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) systems.
  • Provides flexible payment timing and other options — Once you’ve started making payments, you can make same-day payment decisions, update your user profile information, view a query transaction history, and add or delete state and federal tax codes.

EasyTax Demo

  • For a more detailed look at what you can do with U.S. Bank EasyTax, explore our online demo. Just use the following User Name and Password:
    PASSWORD:     Easytax123!

U.S. Bank is not a tax or legal advisor. When it is appropriate, you are encouraged to seek professional tax and/or legal advice. Deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC.

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